PM-75 Stamp Platemaker


Small Photopolymer Stamp Platemaker.For exposure of liquid and imagepac photopolymer stamps and sheet plates. Maximum exposure area: 7″ x 5″ (175x125mm). Recommended stamp size up to 5″ x 4″ (125x100mm).

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PM-75 Photopolymer Platemaker


A budget Mini Rubber Stamp and Photopolymer Platemaker

This is a professional quality machine ideal for just starting in the business of stamp and or platemaking. A machine made to the highest standard by the UK’s largest photopolymer platemaking equipment manufacturer.

For stamp makers, this machine will allow you to test the stamp making profession without incurring high start up cost. An ideal backup machine or even one to keep at home for making urgent stamps for the next morning or even weekends. Earn extra income on the side or make craft stamps at home for your card making hobby or business.

  • For platemaking, make letterpress, hot foiling and or pad printing plates quickly, easily and at a considerable saving in house.
  • Photo glaze and dome small objects such as key fobs, fridge magnets and much more.
  • Expose negative and or positive film on the platemaker before developing and fixing.
  • The PM75 is a very versatile platemaker.


  • Negatives
  • Positives
  • Hot foil printing plates
  • Pad printing plates
  • Moulding plates
  • Letterpress printing plates
  • Photo (China) glazing
  • Moulding Plates
  • Rubber Stamps
Maximum Exposure Area:  160 mm (6”) x 130 mm (5”)
Recommended Exposure Area: 130 mm (5”) x 100 mm (4”)
Machine size: 310 x 210 x 120mm including handle

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