PLB-A4i Stamp Platemaker


For Stamp Platemaking using Stamp Resin or Imagepac – for Custom & Artstamps, Platemaking and Negative Making.With High Spec Digital Timer. All Stainess Steel Construction.

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Make Rubber Stamps and

Relief Printing Plates

within 30 minutes!

It is a multi-functional system that is fast and economical in making and processing:

  • Rubber stamps
  • Hot foiling plates
  • Letterpress printing plates
  • Moulding plates
  • Embossing plates
  • Photoglazing
  • Negatives (without a darkroom)
  • and more …
The Polydiam PLB-A4.iv  Platemaker
A compact table top Photopolymer Stamp & Platemaker –
for use with Liquid & Sheet Photopolymer.
(without Vacuum or Air Blower System)
Make a negative from your artwork/transparency on the Polydiam Platemaker or a printer.
Place the negative on the exposure glass, lay cover film over it, then make a frame
   around the negative using the foam strip.
Pour the liquid resin into the framed area, place the backing substrate and place glass on top.
Two exposures controlled by a timer are made. The first exposure forms the base,
    the second forms the image.
The area of polymer exposed to the light hardens into a solid form. The unexposed areas
    remain liquid. 
Washing in water with washout detergent removes the unexposed polymer, leaving a clear
    sheet bearing the image in relief.
Re-exposure of the sheet in water produces a durable image. 
Dry the sheet plate using a hair dryer.
Then cut and mount stamps and dies as required.
(using a pressure pad)
1.  Place polymer plate and negative in contact on the vacuum board.
2.  EXPOSURE -Set timer for exposure to the irradiating UV lights.
3.  WASHOUT -Once exposed, wash plate in hot water.
4.  DRY -Dry plate completely.
5.  POST-EXPOSURE -For final hardening and durability.
6.  READY FOR USE -Cut and mount as required.


Exposure Area:  Maximum: 300 mm (12”) x 216 mm (8½”),
                         Recommended:  300 mm (12”) x 216mm (8½”)
Machine Dimensions: D= 370 mm (14½”), W= 500 mm (19½”), H= 290 mm (11½”)
Packed Dimensions: D= 406 mm (16”), W= 599 mm (22”), H= 457 mm (18”).
Total packed weight: ~27 Kg (61 Lbs)
All weights and measurements are approximate

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