PPS-43 Photopolymer Plate (27x21cm)


PPS-43 Polymer Plate for Pad Printing.

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PPF – Foil / Plastic Backed. Suitable for Letterpress, Dry Offset, …
PPS – Steel Backed. Suitable for Letterpress, Pad Printing (PPS-43), ..
PPM – Metal Backed (Hard Plates). Can Handle Higher Temperatures 140C.  Suitable for Letterpress, Hot Foiling, Embossing, Engraving Masters, Moulding,
PPM/H – Metal Backed (Super Hot). For Hot Foiling up to 180C.
PFF/D – Suitable for flexo, label printing, balloon printing, rubber stamps, …

Numbers – Overall thickness of Plate in mm. (Eg. PPF-95 is 0.95mm)

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