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Photoglazing Machine.All Stainless Steel Construction.Tomorrow’s Technology for today’s Business!Photoglazing is operational in many parts of the world and is a money spinner with minimum expenditure and maximum cash profits.

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Secrets of Photoglazing
onto China Plates, Plastics, Wood, Metal, Glass,.


Tomorrow’s Technology for today’s Business!

Photoglazing is operational in many parts of the world and is a money spinner with minimum expenditure and maximum cash profits.

It will glaze photographs, view cards, prints etc. permanently onto plates, plaques, plastics, glass marble, trophies, specially designed clock fronts and almost any smooth surface.

Using our top quality Polydiam glazing fluid and the machine will complete the glazing process in just a few minutes producing a sparkling glass clear finish and a product of exceptional quality. The photograph becomes part of the plate and is unique. No one else can have the same – it really is as simple as that! The machine is entirely portable and can be operated from home on ordinary domestic electrical output. The unit uses less electricity than a television set.


A new business or an extension to your existing business – both ideas are equally attractive. This new technology offers almost unlimited potential to build substantial profits. This is your opportunity to invest in one of the most outstanding successes in the personalized gift’ business. Almost every household in the country is a potential customer.

Dynamic growth is assured and the ongoing demand for quality gifts alone should not be underestimated or missed – profits are high and constant. With all the other sales outlets the financial rewards are bounded only by your imagination and business acumen!


An ideal business to operate from home. Products can be sold to a wide range of retail outlets or via mail order or party plans. In-store promotions can be negotiated with large stores and smaller shops can display your window show card and distribute your color sales leaflet on a commission basis. Housewives and others with spare time can generate business on a fee sharing basis the opportunities are numerous.

This is an ideal service for every photographer to offer:
studio portraits – weddings – christenings – school photographs – events – local views – sporting occasions – China Glazing all lend themselves to being glazed onto a large range of products.

Individual photographs of families, weddings, christenings, anniversaries, favorite pets and many other precious photographs can be made into Personalized gifts. `These are particularly attractive on Special event plates’ with names and dates added.

You can offer the glazing services to retailers who do not own their own machine, i.e. gift shops, portrait photographers, hairdressers, video shops etc. You can build a range of local views for the souvenir trade. Retailers can select their own subjects exclusive to their business. Small and single runs are now possible and therefore the potential market is considerable.

You no longer need to spend large sums of money to pay for original artwork separations and printing. The inquires for small run manufacturing of souvenirs is ever increasing and can now show substantial profits.

Trophies won in the field of sports or other events are very personalized and much treasured possessions. These normally carry an inscription of the holder and particulars and date of the event won, which resulted in presentation of the trophy. Using our machine – the unit head can be adjusted to selected height – these trophies can now be glazed with a permanent photograph of the holder and using specially designed pens (no skills required) an inscription – thus allowing relatives and friends, many years after the event to see a color photograph and inscription of the person who won the trophy. Machine owners can contact the many athletic clubs, and other associations, who present trophies, informing them of this service.

Many professional reps selling goods around the country advertise for new lines to carry. You, also, can advertise for established reps to carry your samples and place your promotional material with their many wholesale, retail and private outlets. This can be arranged on a commission or fee sharing basis.

A great many factories and offices have agents – some employed by the factory or office, others not – selling a whole range of goods to the factory and office employees. A simple inquiry will establish the name of a particular factory or office agent who will almost certainly agree to circulate your colored sales leaflet and accept orders on your behalf – on a commission basis.

A large range of novelty products are available. Using the Polydiam Glaze machine all are admirably suited to glaze on the photos of your choice. These are ideal for the casual gift or present. The cost is less than a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers and will mark the occasion for years to come. Wholesalers and retailers in your area may also wish to stock them with their own particular photographic scene exclusive to their business.

You can arrange to display your show-card in a prominent position with busy retail outlets and provide your color sales leaflets for distribution – attractive color posters. Most retailers will agree to display your promotional material on a commission or fee sharing basis. Machine operators can have arrangements of this nature without the machine ever leaving their home. It also creates an awareness of the retail outlet and thus provides the all important repeat purchase.

Our glazing unit can be operated in virtually any country in the world. Operators can take their machines abroad on holiday. Profit can be made (from friends and acquaintances) by merely glazing their holiday photographs directly onto plates, plaques etc. showing local views and nameplaces – thus creating a permanent memento of their holidays.

For those staying abroad for long periods or the complete summer season business can be obtained by taking photographs of business premises e.g. Clubs, Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels etc. – glazed onto plate clocks or other giftware and then offered for sale to the proprietor. With the owner’s name added quartz plate clocks or gift- ware are a very personalized product and impressed business owners may wish to purchase multiple amounts.

As the majority of holiday makers are seeking an unusual or unique souvenir of their holidays or just that special gift lucrative trade can be obtained on the beaches and around the bars, nightspots and other places of entertainment. Distribution of your color sales leaflets can bring encores for the service.

With our Photoglazing process you will be glazing your customer’s own personal photographs onto plates and selected giftware. If you wish to produce Business Photo plates you will require your own 35 mm or digital camera.

There are over five million retail business in the U.K. – a vast potential untapped market for business photoplates. In its short history of just over a century photography has become the primary visual art. Modern advances make it the medium for illustrative purposes. Even with the invention of video and the advance of electronics nothing surpasses still photography for advertising, record keeping or simply putting over a message! The demand for images is world wlde and forever expanding with millions of new photographs taken every week in the UK alone!

photo102A personal photograph glazed onto a plate is unique and eye catching. Placed on your wall or other prominent position it will draw the admiration and curiosity of almost everyone who sees it. A photograph of one’s business premises glazed onto a plate will be retained in the memory of those who see it, more than almost any other form of promotion could achieve.

As advertising is a necessity by every firm most managers are fully conscious of its power where their retail premises form the visual display – hence the huge success of specially designed calendars and aerial photography featuring business premises. Because of this awareness machine operators have a huge market for success in producing photoplates of retail business premises and even private houses!

This new technology offers a new dimension in similar advertising at just a fraction of the cost. Multiple repeat orders are a possibility with licensed premises hotels, restaurants and garages being the main customers for both interior and exterior photoplates. In areas of scenic beauty and historical interest, much frequented by tourists, machine operators can supply photoplates to retail business outlets for resale to admiring tourists – thus providing you with endless scope for private, commercial and contractual work.

All information contained in this guide is for customer guidance only. (almost every day we hear of new ideas as numerous and variable as this new technology allows). It places no restriction on the machine operator on what they may charge or what personal methods they may adopt to enhance their business.

As almost every person and business are involved in the taking, giving and using of photographs your potential market is enormous and constantly expanding allowing you to increase your business in step with consumer growth. And remember, this is not a franchise operation whereby a considerable percentage of your income is paid over in royalties and fees. The equipment is yours and you keep all the profits.

You will be offering a service that is in demand by those wishing to have a treasured or business photograph immortalized or just framed in an eye catching unique fashion – only made possible by this new technology. Some of our customers have expressed the view that the Photoglazing Machine. Business is one of the most exciting opportunities for those wishing the satisfaction of working for themselves. For some it has completely transformed their financial lives – especially for those who could only afford a modest investment! You can even hold onto the security of a full time job until you are established – building your business in your spare time with no risk!

Finally. it should be said. there is no magic formula for success in business. What is required is a commercial idea with a consumer demand. – be it product or service – the necessary equipment, competitive costing, enterprise, hard work and the capacity for growth in an expanding market.



Obtain the photograph picture you wish to use.

Place the adhesive double sided tape on the back side of the photograph. Use an object to burnish the back side of the photograph in order for the adhesive tape to adhere. This will cause the adhesive to transfer over to the photograph properly.

Now, take the photograph and cut it round using a circular cutter. Or cut to what ever shape you require using a scissors.

We then place the photograph onto the decorative china plate, wood, plastic or whatever you wish to use. Make sure that there is a border around the photograph so that the glaze does not overflow. When placing the photo onto the plate, we recommend that you peel of the top part of the photo first and eventually working down to the bottom. The photo with the adhesive on the back should first make contact with the top portion of the dish, then work down. This procedure is most used so that there will be no air pockets under the photograph once it is laid down. We also recommend that you burnish down the edges of the photograph once it has been laid down in order to seal the photograph to the plate. Since we are working with a liquid resin, burnishing the edges will prevent air bubbles from escaping from beneath while the process is in operation.

We then pour the Polydiam liquid glaze onto the plate. But, before doing this, make sure that the surface of the photograph is free of dust particles. Only a small amount of Polydiam resin is needed to cover the photo and its edges. It is recommended that you pour the resin directly onto the centre of the photograph and with a circular motion cover the remainder of the photograph. Once this is done, check for any dust particles or air bubbles. If any, use a syringe, toothpick or a hair dryer in order to get rid of it.
We now take the plate and place it into the Polydiam machine. (If appropriate, remove the post-exposure tray from the drawer before placing the glazing plate.)

Before turning the unit on, it is advisable to let the plate sit approximately 30-60 seconds for the glaze to settle.

Set the Timer for around 5 minutes. Switch ON. After exposure is complete, switch OFF and remove the finished product.

PPG-12.15s Machine dimensions: 490x330x270mm(H),   19” x 13” x 10.1/2” (H)
Exposure Area: 400 x 300 x 120mm (H).  16” x 12” x 4.5” (H)
Weight: 14Kgs (30 lbs)



  • PPG-12.15s Photoglazing Machine
  • Photo Glaze (1/4 Kgs)
  • Circular Cutter
  • Self Healing Cutting Mat
  • Mounting Tape
  • Pipettes (10)
  • China Plates (5)
  • Plate Stands (5)
  • Instruction Manual

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USA/Canada: £ 95.00
W. Europe: £ 50.00
All other countries: ask for quote

Polydiam PPG-12.10 Photo Glazing Machine
GBP £ 595.00
Photo Glazing Resin (250ml)  GBP £ 14.00
Photo Glazing Resin (1Kg) …  GBP £ 48.00

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