HF-85 Digital Hot Foiling Machine

HF-85 Hot Foil Digital Printing Machine for printing with foils.

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Polydiam HF-85 (Digital) Hot Foil Printer with Jigs and Manual

HF-85 Hot Foiler Digital

HF-85 (Digital) – Factory Refurbished.

  • 8” x 5” (200mm x 125mm) Maximum Print Area
  • Toggle Action Slant Bed Hot Foiler
  • Automatic adjustable foil advance
  • Dual Display Digital Temperature Controller – Accurate to 0.1°
  • Battery Operated Digital Image Counter
  • External battery replacement access cover
  • Solid State Technology
  • Flat Plate heater for even temperature output
  • Fused and EMC Filtered Mains inlet (with built-in Spare Fuse)
  • Machine Manufactured using high quality steel and stainless steel (inox)
  • Steel parts chrome plated or powder ipoxy coated paint
  • Very high quality engineering and modern contruction design
  • Cable work from control box to heater in galvanised steel flexible conduit terminating in a cast zinc connection box
  • Machine includes 2 chases with handles. One chase is metal and polymer plates, the other for metal type or inserting die blocks
  • Plate chase includes honey comb fixing system
  • Unique Polydiam® clipper block die mounting system
  • All metal heavy duty pen and pencil printing jig
  • Heavy Duty multi size book matches jig
  • Multiple fixing holes on print platen to attach accessories and jigs
  • Range of accessories are included with Hot Foiler
    • Side Stop
    • Set of Allen Keys
    • Clipper block grip clips (dog clips)
    • Plastic guide strips
    • Universal Fixing Jig
    • Set thumb screws for fixing
    • 3” x 7” die block
  • Optional Products Available include
    • Additional sizes of clipper blocks
    • A4 Extension plate (to make print platen accept A4 Size print stock)
    • Book and diary jig
    • Ribbon feeder
    • Auto Card Feeder unit
    • Custom jigs and attachments can be made to order
  • CE Compliant
  • High temperature electrical cabling used where required
  • Fused and EMC Filtered Mains inlet (with built-in Spare Fuse)
  • Moulded Mains Cable


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